Buying or selling original collection used clothing and textiles  we can help to fulfill your exact needs.

Are you seeking to purchase credentials for export from the United States or Canada?

From warehouse to port, to your door, the 30 years experience of our family business assures your profitability.  Knowledge of international markets, listening and appreciating customer feedback plus always learning more about you the buyer, creates a long lasting relationship and repeat business.

Our merchandise can be selected by:

1. Demographic

2. Price Point

3. Geographic Location

4. Proximity to Nearest Port

5. Weight Per Load

Do you need inventory for thrift stores:

Is there a need to either supplant your own collections due to weather related shortages, add collections from other areas to stock your store? Let us help you choose the right merchandise to create stock that will sell.

Nationwide locations chosen by Cyntex based on our understanding of the  collection area and demographic eliminates surprises.

Our credentials are available all year long. Full and partial truckloads available.